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The story of the commander of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association from Africa - TRAILS OF HOPE: Testimonies of the invincibles [2/4]

The story of Zdzislawa Wojcik - her deportation to the Arkhangelsk region, stay in Soviet prisons, and involvement in the Polish Red Cross and scouting.

Bożenna Wójcik tells about the fate of her mother, Zdzisława Wójcik. On 28 June 1940 she was deported near Arkhangelsk. She tried to escape from the place of exile, but was arrested and put in prison. After her release, she found employment in the recruitment cells of General Władysław Anders' army. Later she was evacuated and engaged in the work of the Government Delegation for Poland, the Polish Red Cross and the scouting movement. She became the head of Polish scouting in Africa.

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