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23.02.2024, 02:27

The story of a tractor driver in the Anders Army - TRAILS OF HOPE: Testimonies of the invincibles [4/4]

The story of Wladyslaw Dabrowski - deported to Kazakhstan, a soldier of the Polish II Corps, the participant of the battle of Monte Cassino.

Władysław Dąbrowski was deported from Nowogródek to Kazakhstan. His mother was employed at the local kolkhoz, and Władysław worked in the tractor brigade. After the signing of the Sikorski-Majski Agreement, he reported to General Anders' troops. He was evacuated from the USSR to the Middle East. In the Polish II Corps, he received training in the use of British armored equipment - armored personnel carriers and armored cars. He took part in the battles for Monte Cassino, Ancona and Bologna.

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